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  • Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 - 1:32 pm
  • Identify and Win a Watch Challenge!


    The watch was : Casio DGW-30
    It was not necessary to supply the module number, 976 or common name, "digi graph."

    My hint about the module number might have thrown some people off because the DGW-30 was fitted with a 828 module OR a 976 module; the 828 module was more common.

    A surprising number of people guessed it was the TGW-10, despite my hint that the contest watch is not listed on my website.

    Who won? The winner's initials are : C.B. The correct answer was submitted on June 23rd. P.H. gave the 1st correct answer on Jun 17th, but the would-be winner changed their answer later, so C.B. is the official winner. C.B., you have been sent an email from this website. :)

    There were multiple correct answers near the end by: J.P., G.R. and S.B. Congrats to you all and thanks to everyone for participating!

    ====================== : Original entry below : ======================

    I'm in the process of moving, so I won't have any time this month to setup my camera, take detailed pictures and write an article.

    However, I don't want to keep my fans (the few that I have) without updates for a whole month. So, I am going to hold the very first "Identify and Win a Watch" challenge.

    Here's how it works. The first person to identify the watch in the following picture will WIN this watch for free. (Shipping charges will apply.) You must post your answer as a comment in this entry. The photos have been intentionally garbled.

    You must identify the the Make and Model.

    Every few days, I will upload new (better) photos and add hints, making it easier to guess.

    Top view

    Inside view

    - It is a LCD watch.
    - The year can be set from 1985 to 2029.

    Okay, maybe that was too hard. How about now?

    Top view

    Inside view

    Extreme closeup #1

    - It does not have a built in light.

    Inside view

    - It is not a G-Shock.

    Extreme closeup #2

    Inside view

    Extreme closeup #3

    Top view

    - It has 5 alarms plus an hourly signal.


    Alternate View

    - This watch is NOT listed in my "collection" page
    - The stopwatch function is rather complicated

    - The module number is three digits, and it starts with 9.

    Inside view

    - It is part of the "graph" series.

    Top view

    Side View

    Only one day left, this is the last picture!

    Top View

    The winner will be announced here sometime in July. Only the initials of the winner will be posted to protect privacy. The challenge will stay up until July even if there is an early winner.

    1. Your guesses must be made before June 30th, 11:59pm ETS.
    2. If you guess multiple times, your "final" answer will be the last answer you submitted before the deadline. So, if you got it right but changed your answer afterwards, you don't win.
    3. You cannot ask for help.
    4. Your email address is required for winner notification.

    This is not a sweepstakes and there are no "odds" of winning. It's all based on your ability to identify a watch from a picture. :)

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