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  • Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 - 1:57 am
  • Casio Marlin W-36 [248]

  • Hello readers!

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    As I thought about the fitting introduction to this site, I realized there are just too many watches to consider. So without thinking too much about it, I decided on the Casio W-36 with module 248. The 248 module was used in many Casio models, and I think it is the epitome of their vintage design.

    Commonly referred to as one of the "marlin" models, this basic watch from the early 80's features a small logo of a sailfish on the watch face. At first glance you might not think it is special, but people will spend hundreds of dollars to get a minty watch with this logo on it. (Not me though. I'm too cheap. ;) )

    Among the marlin watches, this is one of the slim-est models. Although it is all stainless steel, it features a pop-in back instead of a screwback. This isn't all that unusual among Casio watches, but most stainless steel "marlin" models feature screw-down backs. Probably due to the pop-in back, the water resistance rating is only 50m. The watch and module name, along with its serial number, are clearly stamped on the back.

    The module features all of the basic watch functions, including alarm, light, chronograph and timer.

    Several features are unique to module, even among old Casio watches. 1: It has rare half-hour chimes in addition to the common hourly chimes. (Most digital watches will give off a beep on the hour, but this watch will give one beep at the 30 minute mark and two beeps at the hour mark.) 2. The watch does not beep when switching modes: it only beeps when you start/stop the stopwatch. 3. When setting the watch, you can change the tens and singles digit separately.

    In my opinion, one of the under-appreciated features of this watch is its stainless steel band. It features a clasp design that gives a very secure lock on your wrist, but also allows for a relatively easy re-sizing without the need to remove or add links. And, it is ultra durable!

    Due to its simple slim design, this watch is my favorite "marlin" model among all my watches. I like it so much, that I decided to use its design on my site. Can you spot where it was used? ...

    The LCD clock on the top left of this site is an exact replica of this watch's display! :)

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  • » great watch, I wear mine everyday, same exact model. Excellent quality, waterproof and durable.
  • by: Rob, submitted Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 - 7:55 am
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