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  • Friday, July 31st, 2009 - 4:25 pm
  • New collection page with detailed ratings

  • Hello!

    I just finished re-vamping my collection page, adding a few features.


    The main new feature is the "value" and "rarity" ratings system. I've added this to show how rare and/or valuable a particular watch is. The ratings are very very subjective, based purely on my own experiences as a collector. I am sure that many other collectors will, correctly, disagree with how I rated my collection. But after all, this blog is called "in my opinion." :)

    You'll notice right away that some watches are very rare yet have no value, and some are not rare at all but have a high value. That's all because of "popularity." No mater how rare a watch is, if nobody wants it, the value will stay low. Conversely, even if a watch is readily available, it may have a very high value if it is made of expensive materials (has intrinsic value) or if many people want it (has extrinsic value).

    By the way, value does NOT equal price. Prices fluctuate constantly, but a watch's value is more steady. A well-built watch that keeps good time has good value, whether or not it is expensive! HOWEVER, (unfortunately) the best way to communicate value to others is to expresse it in to monetary units.

    So, just to give you the proper feel for it:
    Rarity of * means readily available, ***** means you need to spend a year looking for one.
    Value of $ means something with almost no monetary value, value of $$$$$ means a "value" of a few hundred dollars.

    The real market demand/supply/price fluctuate constantly, so take the information as it is--just my personal opinion. Who knows, you might get lucky and buy a $$$$$ item for $, or find a ***** item at the local flee market! In my experience, no watch is so rare that you cannot obtain it (with patience). And maybe the information will dissuade people from spending $$$$$ for an item that--in my opinion--is * and $.

    I plan to add "popularity" and "my favorites" to the page at a later date.

    IF a watch has "-" for its rating, it means the ratings are not available. (I have not gotten around to rating it yet, or it is impossible to rate.)


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