Digitally Curious - A Vintage LCD Watch Blog

Digitally Curious - A Vintage LCD Watch Blog

  • Welcome!
  • This is a simple website that showcases my digital watch collection in blog form. Additionally, you will find a gallery of my watches and other random digital gadjets I've collected.

    I used to update the site every month, but now I am a father and I can't seem to find the time. For now I am simply maintaining the website.
  • Who are you?
  • I am the model of a modern major general. No actualy I am a digital watch collecting hobbiest who happens to have experience designing database driven websites. I have a regular job and this site is my hobby.
  • Why Digital Watches?
  • Several years ago, I lost the Casio digital watch that I had owned since childhood. At the time, I didn't really care. In fact, I didn't even miss it. There were always rows upon rows of watches at the local store, and it just wasn't that special to me...until recently. Before I left for my summer vacation last year, I started looking for a replacement watch that I could take on my trip. I learned to my great disappointment that my old watch had been long since discontinued.

    After looking around, I found a haven of information and met many digital watch collectors at the nerdwatch forum. With the information I got from that forum, I was able to track down the very same model watch that I once wore as a kid! After my reintroduction to my old favorite, the people at nerdwatch forum showed me a whole world of facinating watches--most of them discontinued! They got me hooked and I've been collecting digital watches since.

    My main focus is on Casio LCD watches, but from time to time you may see non-Casio or non-LCD watches being mentioned. :) I focus on digital watches because unlike their mechanical cousins, these LCD watches are constantly replaced by newer models and their functions have a huge varity. Casio alone has made watches that function as GPS units, calculators, games, pulse sensors---the list is endless!
  • Why a website?
  • Unfortunately, there are only a few websites dedicated to this facinating hobby of digital watch collecting, although most of those few are very good. (My favorites can be found on the "links" section.) This site is not intended to replace any of those sites, and as long as they are operating I will not post their content here. This site aims to complement the existing sites with quality information in the form of pictures, first-hand experience with the watches, etc.

    The entire site is written from scratch using a genuine test editor, with some snippets of code taken from various tutorial sites. My plan is to gradually evolve into a top notch site.
  • Why do you have ads?
  • Very simple: the site costs money to run, and ads are the only way (that I could think of) to offset my costs. I hate ad-ridden websites myself, and you will see that the ads on this site were placed so that they are least distracting. They are, and will always be, clearly separated from the real content. You will never see pop-up ads here. I hope this site will show how ads are supposed to be used. :)
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